Now that you love the job search and you know exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at how to approach the job search.

Most people look at the job search as an independent activity. They think up the job that they want, they apply to them, they prepare the best they can, negotiate the best they can, and then choose the best they can.

Our question for you is this: How often do you see amazing work done by only one person?

Truly great work happens as a team. You are part of an interdependent network, so let’s try to shift your view that way. Instead of thinking about your search alone, let’s build a team for your job search.

Your team will consist of:

  • Your referrals — People who will vouch for you. They will be your supporters throughout the stages.
  • Your peers — People who are on the same road as you, and have either completed or on the job search right now. They can give you invaluable advice and information.
  • Your mentors — Your previous managers, or people you look up to — they’ll be instrumental in showing you what is possible, and what opportunity to ultimately choose.

As you go through the search, you’ll often feel the desire to go at it alone — there may be a job you like but you only have a light connection with someone who works there.

We want to encourage you to make yourself vulnerable, and reach out. You’ll be surprised with what happens.

For the homework, we'll build your team. Follow those steps, and you’ll be well on your way to truly doing the job search interdependently -- the results will follow!


  1. Create a brain dump of potential mentors and peers
  2. Reach out to 1-2 mentors, and set up a meeting
  3. During those meetings, share your narrative with them. And ask them what they think about the opportunities you are considering. Ask:
    • Would they do anything differently?
    • What do they think about your plan of action?
    • Do they have ideas for companies that sound great? Note: Do not look for a referral here — if they offer, let them know you are still in exploration phase, and will update them in a bit
  4. Reach out to 1-2 peers, who either completed a job search or are on their way. Ask them for a 1:1 to discuss:
    • What surprised them about their job search?
    • What companies and teams did they really like?
    • What tools are they using to prepare?
    • What do they think of your narrative?
    • Do they have any suggestions for companies that match it? Again, do not look for a referral here — if they offer, let them know you are still in exploration phase, and will update them in a bit