Experience Interview: Follow-up Questions

We already discussed that the best way to communicate culture is from your homework in Mental Game and the best way to communicate your level is from your homework in Communication.

At the end of the interview, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions — you are speaking to a senior leader — and they could give you excellent context on how it’s really like to work at the company.

Ask questions from your list you prepared earlier and really try to find out if you would like to work at this company. This too will communicate signal.

For example, if you really care about having a large scope you can ask — "what if I wanted to start a project that goes past my manager, how is it like doing that?" Your interviewer will gain further signal on your initiative.

Remember though, your goal here is to actually get a sense if you want to work here. Do not try to pretend. Simply own exactly where you are at — pretending will come through. What you’re trying to do is to find a job that fits with you, and this is exactly the interview to do that.

Now, you’re ready for the experience interview!


  • Ensure you’ve done your homework in Mental Game and Communication