Here are our top takeaways from the course:

  1. Referrals. These are the best way to get noticed and start the process. Direct applications should be your last resort
  2. Know where the bar the is at. You should have a clear idea what level you need to be at to pass each interview
  3. Study and execute so your performance is at that level
  4. Communicate signal and scope. Know your target level and architect your resume, recruiter talks, and experience/hiring manager chats around that
  5. Time and batch your interviews so you meet with your top choices last and that all your offers land at the same time
  6. Meet with your prospective manager and team before making a final decision. Make sure you choose the right place for you
  7. When negotiating, don't give your number first, discuss leveling. If pressed for a number state the upper range for your level and communicate you know the company is competitive
  8. For final numbers, email your recruiter the package that will make you sign immediately. Email negotiation is straightforward and concise
  9. Always be classy. Even if a recruiter forgets to call you, gives you unexpected news, gives you an exploding offer, etc. Carry yourself with class and be firm with your expectations. This behavior will set you apart and communicate your strength and seniority.
  10. Be kind to yourself. Interviewing is hard. Sometimes things won't go as well as you like. Don't beat yourself up. Maintain a positive dialogue with yourself. Do your best and be proud.

We hope you found this course useful. Go forth, get your dream job and an amazing package!