Course Introduction

Joe: Hey everyone, my name is Joe.

Stepan: And my name is Stepan.

Joe: Thank you for investing in our course! We’re excited to help you land your dream offer. In this section, we’ll tell you a bit about us and what you can expect from this course.


  • Software engineer with 7+ years experience
  • Recently signed an L6 offer
  • I started my career by building a company — interesting part it was in China.
  • After that I worked on, initially as the 2nd hire as a startup, and then at Facebook through the acquisition.


  • Software Engineer with 5+ years experience
  • Recently signed L5 offer
  • Previously worked at a couple startups and Facebook

Stepan: The knowledge from this course comes from our 100-day adventure, going on a job search as senior engineers. We went on a combined 20+ onsites.

Joe: We found out that, though there’s a lot of information about job searching, some of the most key concepts were missing. Things like, communicating your narrative, or communicating your level through system design

Stepan: We started sharing this with our friends, and began to notice real changes in their performance — we saw 30-100% compensation differences.

Joe: Our goal in this course is to give you the roadmap and the lessons you’ll need to complete a phenomenal job search.

Stepan: To use this course effectively, start with the study guide. There, you’ll learn how you can layer the content, to get the best out of the course.

Joe: Throughout most sections you’ll see homework. The homework is what’s going to truly make the difference.

Stepan: If you follow along, and truly give it an honest effort, you’ll come across more confident to recruiters, significantly improve your performance in the interview, and grow as an engineer.

Joe: We're here for you — if you have any feedback, please let us know.

Stepan: We put our heart into this, and we hope you love this course. Without further ado, check out the study guide, and start your journey!