Study Plan

To best utilize this course, we’ve prepared a 3-month study plan for you

W1: Foundations, Key Concepts, Ramp-Up

  • Watch and complete the homework for Foundations, Key Concepts, and Ramp-Up

At this point, you should have a strong narrative, a team, and a list of companies. You should have reached out to your referrals, and began to set up recruiter screens

W2-3: Recruiter Screens, Start Preparing for Technical Screens

  • Watch and complete the homework for Recruiter Screens
  • Watch and complete the homework for the relevant technical screens interviews. (Algo, and UI if you are a UI engineer)
  • Start working every day on Algorithm Interview and/or UI Interview prep.

At this point, you should be talking to recruiters and scheduling technical screens for W7. You should have a todo list, where you knock off technical-screen prep every day.

W4-6: Technical-Screen Prep, System-Design Prep

  • Watch System Design Prep, and start the process

At this point, you should have scheduled all technical screens. You should be working on algorithm and system design prep every day, and have had at least 2, ideally 4+ practice interviews.

W7-8: Technical screens, system design prep

  • Complete your technical screens
  • Keep studying system design
  • Watch Onsites video

Once you complete your first technical screen, evaluate where you are at. If you are struggling after a couple screens, move the other screens 3-4 weeks further, and re-start with W4-6.

W9-10: Onsites

  • Keep focused, keep fed, and eyes on the prize

At this point, you’ll be very busy with onsites, so no homework. Keep a log of every onsite you do, and lessons learned. If you are struggling or are uncertain of anything refer to the right section, or reach out to us.

W11-14: The Offer Stage

  • Watch the Offer Stage Module

You’re in the final mile now. Time to finish strong. Complete the homework, and keep up the vigilance. Once you sign, send us your notes, and if you have any suggestions for the course!