Congratulations for making it this far. Hopefully you feel some relief after signing the offer. It's been a long journey, and we hope you are excited about your next opportunity. Although your job search is done, we recommend you do a couple more things to conclude well.

Inform other companies

If you had other offers, let your recruiters know. Email is fine, but letting them know over the phone is really classy.

Update your community

Now that you've signed let your people know! They will be excited to hear the good news.

Send thank-yous

You should send these to people you deeply connected with throughout the process. At a minimum we recommend you send a note to your future manager and teammates if you met them. They will be happy to hear that you joined.

Send LinkedIn Requests

The valley is small, just because you turned down an offer doesn't mean you won't connect with a company or manager in the future. Throughout your job search you've met a lot of talented people. This is a great opportunity to expand your network. Who knows where you'll end up next.

After doing all this you've beautifully concluded the job search. Well done!